BBMPulser 5B kit (2024)


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Latest 2024 BBMPulser 5B 2.4 Tesla Magnetic Pulser Printed Circuit Board on SALE now price $32

3.5ft of Copper Strip 0.6mm x 15mm $15

Shipping in USA  $20, if you are outside of USA, contact me first

Note: If you are going to be using 0.6mm Strip Coil with this set up (default), you will need 3.5ft of 0.6mm x 15mm Copper Strip or thicker to connect 4 capacitors in Cap Bank and to come thru the board to connect Diodes, Coil and Thyristor.  

To place your order, please send $67 to make sure your paypal shipping address is correct, then email me to confirm.

Let me know if you have any questions

Thank you