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PEMF 2B (basic) 1-600Hz 1-25% Duty 200-2000 Gauss. Open Source by Andrey D

Parts list is Coming soon

Alright Guys, this is the updated PEMF 1B(basic) circuit I presented earlier. In this Update you will get automatic signal mute anytime your system consumes more then 300 Watts. This is a safety future as well as a circuit that allows you to really take full advantage of the energy stored in your capacitor bank.

Please visit my Youtube chanel and watch Video #51 where I talk about this circuit.


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PEMF 1B (basic) 1-500Hz 1-25% Duty 200-2000 Gauss. Open Source by Andrey D

Digikey.com and Ebay.com Parts List (except Air Core Coil) or fuse.

1.Transformer 167N70 HM4487-ND Hammond Manufacturing 280 Watts 115VAC to 70VAC 4A. $75.50
2. Diode Bridge 2156-GBPC3510-03-ND $1.64
3. Capacitor(s) C2, C3,C4 100V 10,000uF ALC 70A103EH100 $11.36 each

4. Filter Capacitor C1 – 108CKE016MLN 16V 1000uF. $0.52
5. 12V 3W Zener 1N5927BG $0.52
6. PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Square wave Signal Generator Adjustable $12.00 Ebay.com
7. Optocoupler TPC817A C9G $0.41
8. N-Chanel Power MosFet IRFP4568PBF-ND $6.20
9. Diodes D1, D2 200V 75A APT60S20BG $3.02
10. Push Switch 2368-54-700-R-ND $1.00
11. Green LED 2460-L513GD-A-ND $0.25
12. Blue Pulse LED 2460-L513BMBC-15D-ND $0.82
13. R1 2.2K OHM 2019-CFS1/4CT52R222JTR 1/4 watt $0.10
14. R2 3K OHM 5% 2368-3W230-ND 3W $0.36
15. R3 75 Ohms 2019-CF1/4CT52R750JTR-ND 1/4 Watt $0.10
16. R4 470 Ohms MFR-25FBF52-475R 1/4 Watt $0.10
17. R5 1k Ohm 2019-CF1/4CT52R102JTR-ND 1/4 Watt $0.10
18. R6 18k Ohms CFR-25JB-52-18K 1/4 Watt $0.10
19. Air core coil. I recommend air core coil to be made of 18AWG Magnet wire ID 1” OD 4”-6”, thickness 0.5”-0.6” total weight around 2LB

BBMPulser 5B (Basic) with power control




Image is coming soon


BBMPulser 4B (Basic)