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120VAC BBMPulser 5S (Standart) 2.9 Tesla (29,000 Gauss), manual mode, RF and more! Open Source by Andrey D

Hi Guys, thank you for stopping by and checking out my circuit.This is one of my best and most used curcuit by now, it has many futures compared to the 5B (Basic version of it)

for suggestions Email me: info@bbmpulser.org  Please visit my Youtube chanel

your tech Andrey D

PEMF 2B (basic) 1-600Hz 1-25% Duty 200-2000 Gauss. Open Source by Andrey D

Parts list is here

Alright Guys, this is the updated PEMF 1B(basic) circuit I presented earlier. In this Update you will get automatic signal mute anytime your system consumes more then 300 Watts. This is a safety future as well as a circuit that allows you to really take full advantage of the energy stored in your capacitor bank.

Please visit my Youtube chanel and watch Video #51 where I talk about this circuit.


your tech Andrey D



PEMF 1B (basic) 1-500Hz 1-25% Duty 200-2000 Gauss. Open Source by Andrey D

Digikey.com and Ebay.com Parts List (except Air Core Coil) or fuse.

1.Transformer 167N70 HM4487-ND Hammond Manufacturing 280 Watts 115VAC to 70VAC 4A. $75.50
2. Diode Bridge 2156-GBPC3510-03-ND $1.64
3. Capacitor(s) C2, C3,C4 100V 10,000uF ALC 70A103EH100 $11.36 each

4. Filter Capacitor C1 – 108CKE016MLN 16V 1000uF. $0.52
5. 12V 3W Zener 1N5927BG $0.52
6. PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Square wave Signal Generator Adjustable $12.00 Ebay.com
7. Optocoupler TPC817A C9G $0.41
8. N-Chanel Power MosFet IRFP4568PBF-ND $6.20
9. Diodes D1, D2 200V 75A APT60S20BG $3.02
10. Push Switch 2368-54-700-R-ND $1.00
11. Green LED 2460-L513GD-A-ND $0.25
12. Blue Pulse LED 2460-L513BMBC-15D-ND $0.82
13. R1 2.2K OHM 2019-CFS1/4CT52R222JTR 1/4 watt $0.10
14. R2 3K OHM 5% 2368-3W230-ND 3W $0.36
15. R3 75 Ohms 2019-CF1/4CT52R750JTR-ND 1/4 Watt $0.10
16. R4 470 Ohms MFR-25FBF52-475R 1/4 Watt $0.10
17. R5 1k Ohm 2019-CF1/4CT52R102JTR-ND 1/4 Watt $0.10
18. R6 18k Ohms CFR-25JB-52-18K 1/4 Watt $0.10
19. Air core coil. I recommend air core coil to be made of 18AWG Magnet wire ID 1” OD 4”-6”, thickness 0.5”-0.6” total weight around 2LB

BBMPulser 5B (Basic) with power control




Image is coming soon


BBMPulser 4B (Basic)

1.9 Tesla (19,000 Gauss) Automatic Magnetic Pulser BBMPulser 4S 120VAC ver

1.9 Tesla Automatic Magnetic Pulser BBMPulser 4D (double Coil)

Hi Guys, Here is 1.9 Tesla  Double Coil BBMPulser 4D Circuit

Download it here