Complete Projects

2.4 Tesla BBMpulser 5B kit built by Todd K. 05/10/2023

Used a Thermal Take case (Core V1).  I added a surge protected 12V power strip with usb ports so I could use the case fan via a usb adapter and ended up cutting out the fan you had sent with the pulser because it did not fit in the case fan spot.  I used felt pads to keep the board and any metal pieces from touching the case.  I ended up securing everything down with zip ties.  Works great.  Thank you for all of the help along the way.  

BBMPulser 5B Plus 2.6 Tesla in the case by Andrey D

Using Jonsbo C2 Case, bought it on, Installed back plate FR-4 Unclad behind PCB, drilled left side for air intake, installed large aliminum plate on the back, cut the hole for the fan, installed large aluminum washer inter toroidal transformer for support, used strip coil made of copper strip 0.3mm x 15mm wide.

you can contact me for questions

your tech Andrey D

Im sorry, I meant to say on the highest it pulsates ones every 4 seconds, not ones every second. It’s on the lowest it pulsates ones every second.

Andrey D

BBMPulser 5B built by Bob P. 

Notes from Bob “The case is a “Hammond 1453C”.  It is the “Heavy-Duty Steel Instrument” case;   the bottom is 16gauge steel while the top is 18gauge.
I purchased it at Mouser for $77.75

Observations:  I find that having the 230V fan (Running at 110V) offset to the Diode side along with the excellent venting in the case, I get great airflow along
the diode heat sink fins and everything runs very cool and quiet”