Microscopic Ticks

‘First 7 Images were taken using optical microscope, others with Electron Microscope

You are looking at microscopic ticks, size 0.12 mm or 120 micrometers long

Electron Microscope images are large, you can download and view it in the full size to reveal more details

They are invisible to the human eyes

They can be on 3 stages of development, in the pictures below you will see them on last 2 stages

I believe I’m the first one who discovered and study this bugs

currently writing a book on how to deal and how to get rid of them, in my opinion, due to the nature of this bugs Рmost of the people are infected with them and not knowing about it 

They can carry and will transmit a list of diseases, mostly viruses, just like their larger ens-esters.

I’m not trying to scare you, my goal is to inform you of what is out there.


your tech Andrey D

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Here is the video of them

It was filmed with AmScope Digital camera using optical microscope