BBMPulser 4S (Standart)

BBMpulser 4S (Standart model) Power Output 1.9 Tesla (19,000 Gauss)

Unit Spects:

Working Voltage 120Vac, 300Watts
Capacitor Bank for model S 1400uF-1650uF
Power Output 1.8-2 Tesla (18,000-20,000 Gauss)
Build in Digital Pulse Counter
Build in 2 thermal safety re-settable power cutoff switches. One in the coil and second inside the unit.
Power output selectable. First 3 positions, Unit will operate in Automatic mode, last 4th position is Manual Mode

Power Output:
@25% – 0.6 Tesla
@50% – 1 Tesla
@100@ – 1.7 Tesla
@Manual 1.9 Tesla
Manual. Unit will wait for you to push the button on the unit or FOB remote for each pulse. The power output at  this setting is the highest ~ 1.9 Tesla. Please give 10 seconds for the capacitor Bank to fully charge.
Wireless receiver build in, FOB remote is included (1 pcs)
Coil paddle made of 2 different plastics. The head is made of slightly rubbery resin and the handle is made of hard plastic resin.
Coil made using Copper 14AWG (1.7mm) Magnet Wire, total weight of the raw coil 395 gram
Build in South Pole LED Indicator into the coils head

2 LEDs upfont.
1st Blue ”Pulse” LED (will light up with each pulse released)
2nd is “Protec” this is Thermalal Protection Visual alarm LED. It will start blinking RED when coil thermal switch senses high heat or when air got restricted and unit got hot.
1 Carry bag is included (not pictured here)
User Manual BBMPulser 4 Download pdf file click here