Silver Pulsers / Colloidal Generators

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All of circuits listed below are Open Source. You can view, copy, download, reproduce, modify, etc. some of the circuits contain Gerber production files. I use to order PCBs made. There are many other companies, if you know better ones please suggest one for us, send me email If you have your design you would like to share with the world, please submit it to the email listed above

Simple Silver Pulser / Colloidal Generator BBSP 1.0 by Andrey D. 

This is my firs design, I decided to design this simple cheap circuit as alternative to Sota Silver Pulser priced around $350 USD

You should be able to build this one 5-6x cheaper

Please contact me if you know how to make a casing for this Pulser, I need your help with designing plastic eclousure for it


Operating Voltage 30VDC

Requires 30VDC 15-400mA Power supply

2 modes, build in selector switch

1.  Colloidal Silver Generator – outputs 30VDC

2.  Micro-pulsing – outputs switching 30VDC at 4Hz ~50% duty

Build in adjustment for Micro-pulsing, allows user to adjust power output to  comfortable levels

Build in Protection, in case user ends up shorting electrodes

Simple design, made of 8 components & 2 modules, PWM module and Power Supply Module

DIY friendly, PCBs will be available after 04/17/2024

You can reach me

Price for the PCB is $7 including shipping in USA, contact me first if you are outside of USA

Download pdf format Circuit here

Colloidal Silver Generator by Costas F.

Notes from Kostas F.

Here is a circuit of a Bob Beck very simple Colloidal Silver Generator with PCB
I’ve made 10 years ago and I use it up to now.
The reason for switching polarity on the output is for electrode to wear out evenly.

Original pdf file is here

Silver Pulser by Sachin S.

Notes from Sachin S.

“I got into Bob Beck Protocol to help a friend of mine
any one can reproduce , copy , learn from my design 
I am perfectly fine with it”

     Here is original pdf file

Silver Pulser by E. Tefera

Notes from designer

This is Bob beck bl@@d purifier only with Li-ion 18650 rechargeable battery.
There is a space on back side to install 18650 holder.

You can contact designer via eMail