Automatic Magnetic Pulser BBMPulser 4B (Basic) model. Free Circuit is available for this model download here

One of the simpliest to use, it only has one Power button !

Unit Spects:

Working Voltage 120Vac, 300Watts
Capacitor Bank for model B is 1,100uf, charging to 550V
Power Output 1.4 Tesla (14,000 Gauss) Pulse lenght – 3 milliseconds
Build in 2 thermal safety re-settable power cutoff switches. One in the coil and the second one is inside the unit.
Unit always operates in Automatic mode. It Pulses ones every 4 Seconds or so.

Coil paddle made of 2 different plastics. The head is made of slightly rubbery resin and the handle is made of hard plastic resin.
Coil made using Copper 14AWG (1.7mm) Magnet Wire, total weight of the raw coil 395 gram
Build in South Pole LED Indicator into the coils head


User manual download here

2 Years Warranty