There is an article posted on Sota website, talking about how to compare and get correct output reading measuring Magnetic field.

I believe its in “Take Your Power Back Protocol” I have read that dr. Bob Beck himself helped Sota Instruments to design magnetic Pulser. Sota instruments wanted to ensure that their model of Magnetic Pulser is strong enough to penetrate up to 6” deep into the tissue.

The Magnetic Pulser I’m offering below was tested against Sota instrument MP5 unit and showed to be almost as strong as Sota MP5 Unit. When Compared how often they fire, Sota MP5 model is 5x slower them BBM Pulser. 

Here is another company with their comparison info:

What you guys think? Can we improve BBM Pulser to be as strong as Sota MP5? Right now its around 90% strong. I think the answer is yes,  but there comes another question, do you need it to be as strong as Sota? I think 90% is good enough, what you think?